Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mad Tea Party

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How to Plan an Alice in Wonderland inspired Mad Tea Party ....

You're Invited:
Here is a copy of the invite sent out to all the guests, I used E-vites via and created my own invite

The Details:
On Monday I turned twenty and had one of the most amazing birthdays ever mostly thanks to my amazing friends and extraordinary mom. Here are some of the images so I can share some of that amazement with all of you! For my party the theme was "Mad Tea Party", partially inspired by Alice in Wonderland

The Dinning&Drinks:

Food! We had so much food, four rounds to be exact! first three types of finger sandwiches, second scones and jam, third sweets like brownies and fruit cookies and peanut butter cups (oh my) and finally cupcakes! Although it was my birthday, it was everyone else's "un birthday" so everyone got a cup cake and a candle! For drinks we had multiple kind of tea and kept it coming, hot or cold everyone was able to enjoy a great glass of Tea!

The Dress:
As listed in the Invitation, everyone was instructed to come dressed in their "Most Outrageous Tea Party Ensembles", my friends Karlee and Paige always do everything full out so check outfits, courtesy of Goodwill....

My fashionable friend whitney also looked amazing, her inspiration "The Queen of Hearts", check her out...

The Decor:
Start your decorating with the door, simply print out "Mad" signs. I had so much fun decorating and trying to capture the “Mad hatter” theme! Take a look for yourself, tell me what you think, was it mAddd enough for you? :)

Then I covered the entry way table with cards, tea pots and signs. I also decorated with hat boxes and used candy in jars!

Create a Mad Tea Party inspired long skinny table with mixed matched chairs and dishes. We just purchased a bunch of bright tea sets and dishes from Goodwill and borrowed some from friends. Using cards, I wrote guest names and used them for name cards for the table setting along with their candy apples I made for each person! I also used fun napkins, and made "drink me" signs to mimic Alice in Wonderland.

The Games:
Games are always fun, especially for a day party. Some of my favorites include the “Draw a picture on a plate and over your head game” where you simply draw a picture on the plate without looking! All you need are paper plates and pens! We also played BINGO and used the buttons as markers, as well as charades, always a crowd favorite! The winners got different candy as prizes!

Plate Game!!!!

Buttons for Bingo!


The Documentation:
My mother's best friend is an amazing artist who painted this somewhat "Mad" giant portrait that we used as a background for awesome pictures take a look...

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