Sunday, June 12, 2011

An Evening of Evil

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How to plan an Evening of Evil
My latest dinner party affair was a tribute to the bad guys, a villain party based based on all the evil geniuses out there who never receive the praise they deserve 

You're Invited:
Here is a copy of the e-vite invitation sent out to all the criminal master minds that I created via 

The Details&Decor:
Decor for this event was quite simple, the food and the table setting did most of the work decor wise.

The Dinning&Drinks:
Probably one of the best parts of this event was the food and how it fit with the theme! For appetizers we had The Big Bag Wolf's Three Little Pigs in a blanket, a Jaws fruit display and The Kraken (from Pirates of the Caribbean) veggies and dip.

For the main course I turned a Hero sub into a Fallen Hero sub by surrounding Batman with multiple villains and served Sidekick Blood tomato soup all with rolls and salad. 

For Desserts I made Cruella De Vil's Puppy Chow (101 Dalmatians), The Evil Queen's Poison Apple Pie (Snow White) and Minion Cupcakes (Despicable Me). Personally, I thought desserts were the biggest hit, particularly the cupcakes, because really who can resist little minions made from twinkies?



The Dress:
Everyone came in Villain costumes. I came as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland but we also had the Penguin, Tiger Woods (hah), Scar, a Gangster and Ursula. Some of my favorites included Sheree as Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter...

Learn more about my outfit at my Fashion blog: Courtney's Closet

and Alaina, Lauren, Jenna and Taelor as The Mean Girls from movie: Mean Girls.

Oh yeah, and Paris was the Joker....

We're Evil, Lets Dance:
So being the amazing criminal master minds we were for the night, we had to celebrate our evilness! And what better way to celebrate such villainry (yes, I just made up that word) then to dance it out with a little bit of Just Dance 2 for Wii.

Lets Party: 
Check out the rest of the party pictures!