Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games: Tribute Feast

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Happy Hunger Games!
The time has come for the premiere of the highly anticipated book turned movie: the hunger games! So of course I had to celebrate this momentous occasion with capitol couture flair by having a dinner party! 

You're Invited:
A month before the event, I sent out evites.

Operation Decoration:
The main decor piece was the table which was adorned with foliage and flames, presented with pictures and posters, and sprinkled with district badges for guests to wear. 
posters hung on the wall
 two sided frames set on the table

Let the Dinner Begin!
We started the night with a bag with two Hunger Games inspired Appetizers: Goat Cheese & Apple Tarts, which were one of Katniss's favorite tribute treats on the train (in the book) and Peeta (pita) bread & Chips served with spinach dip.

Dine In Style:
Our main course was simply delicious while remaining within the theme: A District 11 Fresh & Fruity Agriculture Salad, "Boy with the Bread" rolls from Peeta's Bakery and Beef & Veggie Stew, inspired by the Lamb and Plumb stew Katniss and Peeta enjoy in the book. 

Deadly Desserts:
Finish your feast with some deliciously deadly desserts: Poison Berry Perfection's, Berries & Shortcake served with whipped creme and inspired by Fox Face's Poison Berries, Styling "Cinna" buns inspired by Katniss's Stylist: Cinna (this idea was suggested by my bestie Sheree Abate, thanks Ree!) and Girl on Fire Desserts: peaches topped with ice cream and drizzled with homemade raspberry sauce plus a sugar cube to set on fire.

Make An Impression:
Everyone came in theme by dressing as a character or embodying a district. We even had two Katniss's! Katniss and Catnip! See and learn about my outfit on Color Me Courtney!
Sheree (check out her blog) as Katniss
Effie Trinket and Catnip:
 Rue/District11 and Effie Setting Fire to Desserts 
Our two girls on fire: Katniss and Catnip
 Clove and Katniss Reenacting Scenes!

I hope you enjoyed the hunger games as much as I did!


  1. I found your site through Pinterest and I LOVE this! Your party looked so fun and I love how you took ideas from the book and brought them to life at the party.

    1. Hey tiffany!!! Thanks so much for finding my post && stopping by! I have just begun moving all my party planning posts to my fashion blog @ under the segment hopeless hostess (in a circle button under the header) & giving all the posts new & improved makeovers! I reposted this post & included party printables as well as food recipes !! here is the direct link --> ... I hope you like it as much as this post :]