Sunday, January 2, 2011

12 Desserts of Christmas: Holiday Party

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How to plan a Unique Christmas Party
The 12 Desserts of Christmas!

You're Invited:
Here is a copy of the invitation sent out to all the guests. I create my own e-vites and send them via the free site: 

The Details:
I wanted to have an open house Christmas Party so my friends could come and go as the pleased. I also wanted a theme, so I came up with the idea for costume christmas party: The 12 Desserts of Christmas

For the 1st Dessert of Christmas, Courtney Made for Me...
I made 12 different desserts: Cranberry Bliss Bars, Coconut Macaroons, Hugs and Kiss Peanut-butter Cookies, Popcorn Balls, Mini Pecan Pie, Swedish Tea Cookies, Brownies, Puppy Chow, Petite Pumpkin Pies, Double Chocolate Cookie and Frosting Sandwiches and Pecan Tassies. Email me or leave a comment for questions concerning specific recipes!

The Dress:
To represent christmas I encouraged people to come in festive colors or outfits. I wore a kelly green skirt with a red and white striped shirt and red tights all with white Mary Janes. My boyfriend Paris wore a navy sweater vest and a Snow Flake attached to his tie.

The Decor:
I had already had Christmas Decor, mostly wall art, a silver wreath, lights and three small trees, so additional decor was not necessary!

The Games:
We of course had to play Christmas Charades! The guests made their own clues and we played a big game.

We also had an ornament exchange where everyone brought (or made) their own ornaments and we exchanged them white elephant style

Party Foul:
Of course I am probably the only person my age that hosts party and serves punch and desserts instead of alcohol, but someone had to call the police anyway... check me out getting busted by the popo haha

Lets Party:
Here are some pictures!

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