Saturday, March 19, 2011


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How to plan a Dr. Seuss Party!
Dr. Seuss has made an impact on the literary world of children as well as adults, so what better way to celebrate his fun words and unique stories then a Dr. Seuss inspired dinner party.

You're Invited:
Here is a copy of the invitation sent out to all the guests. I create my own e-vites and send them via the free site: I made a little rhyming description of the event to get people in he mood for Seuess!

The Details& Decor:
The Party details and decor were quite easy to do, all it took was a book or two. I put Swedish fish on the table but by the end there were few, I guess my guests liked to punch on fish red and blue. I also made my home colorful and bright, so take a look, like it you might....

The Dinning&Drinks:
When determining what I should cook, I simply looked to a Dr. Seuss book. From the Grinch we had Who Hash (potato casserole) and Roast Beast (roast beef). Then we had Green Eggs (deviled eggs with food coloring) and Ham (ham rolled in green tortillas and ham turnovers with spinach dipping sauce), Oh what a feast! For dessert I made cup cake's resembling Thing 1 and Thing 2, with red velvet cake and blue frosting it was easy to do!

The Dress:
Have each of your guests come as a different Dr. Seuss character, I made sure they RSVPed as their character so there were no duplicated.
Who's Who:
My friends each picked characters from books to portray they all looked great when they came that way. Dene was 1 Fish 2 Fish, Red fish Blue and my friend Saira came dressed as a Who...

Kenny and Kevin wore no shoes only socks, and brought books about feet and a fox
Sam I am was there too played by Kristin with cheer, and Thing 2 (Alaina) and Thing 1 (Ashley) also did appear.
Who was I do you ask? Why the Cat in the Hat. Tell me, Tell me, what do you think about that!?

The Games:
I had just purchased Just Dance for Wii so we danced the night away, we got quite sweaty.

Lets Party:
Look, look, look, look here is a treat. Pictures for the party, take a peak.