Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Murder Mystery Party

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How to Plan a Murder Mystery Party
A night full of Mayhem, Mystery and of course Murder!

You're Invited:
Here is a copy of the invitation sent out to all the guests. I create my own e-vites and send them via the free site: 

The Details:
I have always wanted to host a Murder Mystery Party, and last week I finally got the chance! In the future, I hope I will be able to create my own murder, characters and plot, but for my first attempt I wanted to use a preset story. So I utilized this site: where you can "purchase" a murder, tailor it to your guests and party and finally print out all the clues and information. I choose The Railburn Murder, a classic 1930's Who Done It! Overall the site and the game was really helpful and I highly recommend it!

The Decor:
For decor ideas I turned to my loyal friend: Goodwill. There I purchased an original classic Clue board game as well as the more recent version. I used the board games and pieces as table settings and food identification cards. Also I taped off the front with "Crime Scene Do Not Cross" tape and made a body outline using blue painters tape.

The Dinning&Drinks:
I tried to tailor the food choices to Clue board game components. I served Professor Plum's Killer Hot Rolls, Mr. Green's Guilty Garden Salad, Colonel Mustards Assailant Appetizers (Bruscheta and Crunchy Bread Tarts with ham and mustard or turkey and cranberry sauce) and Mrs. Peacocks Mystery Meet Lasagna. Miss Scarlets's Blood Red Punch for drinks and Mrs. Whites To Die For Desserts: White Chocolate Swirl Brownies, Oreao Bars and Lemon Bars.

The Dress:
The Murder was set in the 1930's so everyone came true to their character and true to the era.
Meet the Victim: Lawrence Railburn Sr. The aggressive owner and operator of the Western Pacific Railroad. His overbearing, authoritarian style tends to alienate or attract all whom he encounters. With Lawrence, you either love him or hate him, or more often than not, love to hate him.
Meet the Accused:
Alaina as Maria LaWenta the Chambermiad and Ashley as Ivanna Bucks the Railsburn Accountant

Sheree as Lolita the Lady of the Night and Alex as Phillip Duright the Hotel Manager.

Kevin as Jake Daniels the Bartender, and Kenny as Johnny Fabulous the Hotel Musician

The Railburns: kristin as Slyvia Railburn the Barons Wife and My Brother Trent as Josh Railburn: the son of the deceased who ended up being both homosexual and the killer

Karlee: Amber Rose the Secretary with a Secret  and Me: Chastity Reynolds the Slutty Socialite 

The Games:
We played 3 rounds were clues were read (some confidential, some not) and we each tried to solve the murder, in the end, Trent (Josh) was the killer!

Lets Party:
More Pictures from the Murder!


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