Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Affair!

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An Easter afternoon, full of food, family and friends!
This afternoon my mother and I hosted an easter party for our family friends. Rita and Kenneth, their daughter and my good friend Katrina (check her out her blogging magic at, her husband Jason and their adorable little children Estelle and Levi. 

I was able to use simple things to create easy decor that made a big impact. I started with a large white table cloth and a colorful striped one as well. Then topped the table with glass vases filled with Robbins Egg candies, colored peeps and flowers for center pieces. Finishing touches included miscellaneous Easter and spring nicknacks such as bunny and duck trinkets. 

Festive Food:
For food we had the typical Honey Ham with rolls, salad, deviled eggs, a potato casserole, a dessert salad (oranges, coconut, bananas and marshmallows YUM!) pear cake (so wonderful, you have no idea) and some appetizer finger foods. For a festive touch, I made birds nests out of peanut butter and pretzel sticks, froze them to create a bond and added candy Robin Eggs and paired them with PEEPS!

Easter Goodies:
Estelle and Levi are some great kids so they deserved some great stuff! Check out their goodies!

Egg Head:
So easter decor was not enough for this girl, I wanted to add some holiday flair to my hair! I created a 'birds nest' bun and then glued Robins Eggs to bobbie pins and positioned them in and around the nest. To see more pictures, the rest of my easter outfit and the inspiration behind this bird-do check out my fashion blog:

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