Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Royal Wedding

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How to plan a Royal Wedding viewing party . . . In 5 hours.

So because of lack of research and some failed hostessing skills on my part I planned my royal wedding party for the wrong night, this error was brought to my attention (thanks grandma you are a life saver) only 5 hours before my party guests should arrive at 10. Although this made for a stressful 5 hours and less of an extravagant party then I would have liked, it will make for an interesting post.

You're Invited:
Take a peak at the invitation I created via www.punchbowl.com

Hour 1: 
I found out around 4:45PM when I was still at school, so I didn't make it home until about 5:15. As a result, the first hour was spent traveling home, speed cleaning, informing the guests and making a shopping list.

Hour 2:
Starting around 6 I left for the grocery and dollar store to pick up supplies and returned home with them to put them away.

Hour 3:
The third hour was spent baking a cake, cup cakes and setting out the rest of the refreshments and dinning necessities. 

Hour 4:
Now 8 O'clock I iced the cupcakes, cleaned the kitchen, ensured the wedding events were set to record on my DVR and spent about 30 minutes creating a british flag cake out of icing and red vines


Hour 5:
The final hours were dedicated to last minute clean up and getting ready and around 10 the festivities began

The Dinning:
For food we had trisect crackers with cheese and apple slices (the Britts love cheese and apple together), carrot cake cup cakes (instead of the traditional british fruit cake wedding cake ... gross) with cream cheese icing and rings (awh tender) chips, almonds, five hour energy shots, so much tea, punch, sparkling cider and water.

The Dress:
Most of my gal pals just came in slumber gear so we could lounge around and watch the magic, however, I went for a more subtle approach. 
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Say I Do:
Some of my favorite royal wedding pictures

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