Saturday, November 20, 2010

Potter Pallooza!

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How to plan a Harry Potter Party

You're Invited:
Start with a magical invitation. Here is a copy of the invitation sent out to all the guests. I create my own e-vites and send them via the free site: over the world wide wizarding web!

The Details:
I am in love with Harry Potter books and the movie series franchise, so what better way to celebrate the newest film's premier then to host a Harry Potter Pre Party ? The night before the movie premiered my friends joined me for a night of magical festivities. Then at midnight we headed to the theatre to watch the movie!

The Decor:
Simple Decor tricks can go a long way. I made "house" emblems by printing out the symbols, attaching them to foam and adding safety pins. Then I placed them all in an old witch hat and "sorted" people as they arrived by having them pick from the house. Place harry potter books and candles around to grasp the theme while incorporating dark and regal colors, I choose maroon and gold for Grinfindoor. Set the table in a T shape and cover it with Harry Potter related items, I used miscellaneous "quidditch" balls.

The Dinning&Drinks:
Although authentic Harry Potter food would be ideal, it is not really logical. So make food that remains true to the theme without going overboard. For appetizers I made Dragons Eggs (deviled eggs) while the main course was Hogsmede Holiday Ham (honey glazed ham), Herbology Salad (garden salad) and Hagrid's Hot Rolls (basic rolls). Desserts were fun! I made Pretzel Wands by dipping thick pretzel sticks in frosting and covering them in sprinkles and cauldron cakes by adding licorice handles to chocolate covered cupcakes topped with sprinkles. Drinks were also exciting, I constructed Butter Beer (a mixture of creme soda and butterscotch syrup) and made a bubbling Polly Juice Potion (party punch) by adding dry ice! Be sure to add explanations for your guests who may be less Harry Potter informed.

The Dress:
Have everyone come in their finest Harry Potter attire, think scarfs, glasses, robes, wands, lighting bolts, really anything magical will do. 

The Games:
For games I made a simple "who said that" quote and trivia game. Simply print out famous Harry Potter quotes, split into teams and battle it out. "TEN POINTS FOR GRIFFENDOR"

Lets Party:
Take a look at some of the pictures from the magical evening.

I hope you have as much fun as we had!

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