Sunday, July 31, 2011

Homemade Hostess How-To's

How to create your own Homemade Hostess Helpers: Cake Plates

As a hopeless hostess, I am always looking for new ways to serve and display treats at my events! And with a few cheap goodwill purchases in combination with some glue, paint and imagination, I was able to create three different types of cake plates, each for under $10.

Two Step Serving Plates:
These are perfect for displaying a cake or even for serving something smaller such as cupcakes or rice krispie treats.

To create these cake plates is quite simple. For the first I purchased a gold candle stick holder (originally 4 dollars but bought on half off day at goodwill for $2) and a silver plate (originally 99 cents but purchased for 50 cents). After fusing the pieces together with a heavy duty adhesive ($8 a bottle, split between 4 creations for $2 each) I painted the finished product with white spray paint ($6 for a can, split between two plates for $3 a can).

The Candle Stick Holder:
 The Process:

Cost Breakdown:
$2 candle holder + 50 cent plate + $2 adhesive + $3 spray paint = $7.50

The Finished Product: 

The second cake plate was created the same way from some goodwill finds, this time I purchased a Peace plate (originally $3 purchased for $1.50) and some white item I found in the miscellaneous section originally priced at $3. I glued these pieces together before painting them white.

The Process:

Cost Breakdown:
$1.50 plate + 1.50 white piece + $2 adhesive + $3 spray paint = $8.00

Tea Cup Towers:
These towers work great for serving tiny treats or bite sized appetizers. Check out the finished products...

To create these I bought matching teacups and different sized plates, each originally priced at $1 a piece but purchased for 50 cents at half off day, stacked the pieces and fused them together with adhesive.

Cost Breakdown:
 $2 (4 teacups at 50 cents each) + $2 (4 plates at 50 cents each) + $2 adhesive
= $6 to create each tea cup tower

Creations at Work:
The most enjoyable part of creating these hostess helpers is putting your work to work and displaying them at an event. Take a peak of my creations being used at Dené's Marie Antoinette themed going away party, click on the party post to see more from this event.

You can also see my creations on display at my Harry Potter Party.

Try creating some of your own homemade serving creations and send me in pics! I would love to feature you and your hard work on my blog! Until then, happy hostessing!

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  1. Love this idea! I think all serving pieces should be white, so the food will be the star.